Who we are?

BREMBANA PELLET SRL, is an Italian company, specialised in the design, construction and installation of pelletising machines, suitable for small and medium-sized companies for the production of pellets from biomass, animal feed, the fertiliser industry and recycling with different uses.

Our many years of experience in the field have led us to develop three different models of pelletising machines with production capacities of 50, 100 and 200 kg/hour. The three models on offer (BP50, BP100 and BP200) boast low energy consumption, are highly reliable machines, and do not require the addition of any glue or various additives for the pellet production process.

We work to support and incentivise the circular economy by transforming processing waste into a new product with added value in line with eco-sustainability with our machines. We also optimise the production process of our pellet mills by reducing energy consumption and operating costs with a high productivity measurable in production kg/hour.

Circular economy and eco-sustainability