Besides offering safe, reliable and latest generation wood machines, Brembana Pellet S.r.l. guarantees its product during each phase of production; we offer our customers free advice, provide them with pre- and post-sales support and a guarantee based on many years of experience of an exclusively Italian brand.  


Brembana Pellet is able to assist its clients in the planning and preliminary study phase before starting up a pellet production activity.

We also carry out productivity and yield tests depending on the material to be pelletised, which we then return to the client as a finished product, so as to provide him with a precise idea of the quantity and quality of pellets he could produce with our pellet mills and whatever model he prefers.

Sales and after-sales support

Our customers can count on customized assistance and both technical and administrative support from the producer, Brembana Pellet S.r.l., based on the kind of machine they have bought and their individual needs.
All our machines carry a genuine product guarantee; it is also possible to visit the factories where our machines have been in operation for a long time.
All our products and their associated components comply with C E standards.